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 Xpert School Management System

A fully integrated Institute Administration and Academics Management Software.

Xpert School Management System (xSMS) consists of several modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. xSMS facilitates the important functions of school such as Admission, Fee Collection and reconciliation, Attendance, Timetable, Inventory, HR, Payroll, Academics, Attendance etc. and maintains complete information about students, teachers as well as non-teaching staff of schools, colleges, academies and institutes.

xSMS integrates whole data and processes of an educational Institution into a unified system. The manual handling of school is a daunting task and prone to errors. Our school software makes it extremely easy and efficient.

if you haven't computerized your Institute yet, then it is the golden opportunity for you to do this with our product Xpert School Management System (xSMS). Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools makes the system exceptionally easy to use. The system not only provides substantial cost savings but also allow you to adjust to your changing educational environment efficiently and quickly.

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3 simple Steps to success for your school

The fully integrated and fully developed software is ready to be implemented in any school or institute environment. We also provide our clients with the services of customizing the software and its reports as per the clients requirements. Just INSTALL, IMPLEMENT and TRAINING is all that is required to start enjoying the benefits of fully automating your entire school and getting complex and accurate reports with a simple click of one button.


Xpert School Management System will help your school/institution to:
  • Automate Registration & Admission
  • Manage Student Information Efficiently
  • Manage Classes, Subjects according to requirements
  • Trace Students & Staff Attendance
  • Assets Management
  • Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management
  • Automated Examination Management System
  • Maintain Grades , Create Grade Book
  • Analyze the Performance of a class
  • Manage your own Security
  • Countless MIS Reports Generation
A number of Institutions are already being benefited by our product. So, contact us for a demonstration at your Institute. After this you cannot resist yourself to appreciate our revolutionary design that enable your Institute to experience matchless academic achievements and absolute user satisfaction. xSMS fabricates a hierarchy of features and management tools that strengthen and enhance the productivity by many folds.


Some of the major modules in the system are:
  • Web Module for Teachers, Staff, Principals, and Parents
    • Registration
    • Evaluation
    • Students Management
    • Student Attendance
    • Results & Examination
    • User Management
    • Online Help
  • Desktop Interface for Management and Office
    • Comprehensive HR System
    • Payroll Management
    • Automated Employee/ Staff Attendance through Device
    • Complete Financial Management System
    • Fees & Billing
    • Examination & Results
    • Administration
    • Inventory & Asset Management
Each of the above modules have many sub-modules and hundreds of useful screens and features extremely beneficial for your institutional requirements. If you want to learn more about our software, please contact us to Request for a Demo at your campus or in our office.


  • Enables you to store everything from activities, to assessments etc.
  • Validated data entry ensures consistency and accuracy
  • Convenient family unit management system keeps contact information in-sync among siblings
  • View informative student profiles with picture and emergency contact information
  • Fast, easy access to your most frequent tasks without adding extra clicks
  • Identify learning patterns for individual students, classes, schools and entire schooling system
  • Interim progress reporting
  • Instantly track student achievement against your set Standards
  • Generate report cards based on your own Standards
  • Access and distribute records for any individuals or groups, based on your parameters
  • Administrators enjoy informed web mobility, taking student information with you
  • Choose from a variety of reliable ways to communicate quickly and easily with parents
  • Help parents stay involved via real-time Internet access to their child’s grades, homework, attendance, discipline and more
  • Keep parents and others up to date about upcoming school events, field trips, schedule changes, meetings
  • Quickly get the data you need through built-in statistical reports
  • Better analysis tools help administrators make rapid decisions
  • Track academic progress within school and population subgroups. Break down data according to a wide variety of criteria.
  • Consistent data ensures reliable reporting results. xSMS data is validated upon entry and the correct responses are easily chosen from pick lists.
  • Maintain accurate records of fees and payments
  • Generate custom payment plans
  • Print invoices, statements and receipts
  • Track current balance, view histories and project future funds
  • Easily age accounts and track pastdue debts
  • Inform parents of their child's absence or tardiness
  • Multiple points of entry enables you to enter attendance directly into xSMS
  • Teachers may enter attendance by list using their web browser
  • Automatically register all students for the first day of school
  • Unlimited number of individual entry, withdrawal etc.
  • Produce enrollment statistics according to your requirements through reporting.
  • Parents love getting report cards by email
  • Real-time access to grades, attendance, homework, and assignments in detail will keep parents informed and involved.
  • ..... and many more


We also provide comprehensive support for this Xpert School Management System. Our Product Support plan includes everything you need to be successful on an ongoing basis with your software, including:
  • Access to our Internet Support Option *. This service is through a Web Browser and supports chat functions, and File Sharing. It does not require the purchase of a Remote Access Software Package or manipulation of firewalls.
  • Unlimited Telephone support, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PST.
  • Access to xSMS (Xpert School Management System) updates and enhancements.
  • Submit support questions by Fax or Email.
  • Data Repair Services.
  • Access to Clients-only web site with QuickTasks and FAQ's.
  • We keep you up-to-date with the latest xSMS (Xpert School Management System) software changes, enhancements, additions -- Conference and Workshop schedules and other news of interest.