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 Xpert HR & Payroll


The Xpert Solutions Human Resource software module is designed to help companies in any industry, or any size, bring the challenging task of HR record keeping and government reporting under control. ‘Xpert HR & Payroll’ is a desktop-based software solution, providing capabilities for a human resources department to manage thousands of employee records in a clear easy-to-use format. Extensive information is available at your fingertips through our HR software aiding in protecting your company’s most valuable asset, your Human Capital.

Our human resource software makes viewing employee data simple and easy. There are custom search capabilities to aid in finding employee information and working on employee records. You can also integrate our sophisticated web-based Recruitment Module with your website to allow users to apply online and then transfer their details to your desktop system. This can make the system easier to navigate and to use, maximizing the effectiveness of your time and other resources.

Integrated e-mail capabilities make communication with individual employees and employee groups quick and easy. With our human resource management system, you can send e-mails directly to employees from their demographic records. You can send reports by e-mail to selected groups, departments or the entire company.

Handles all Organizational and Government Reporting Requirements

Responding to government requirements will be made easier with both online access and numerous reporting options for EOBI, Income Tax and other reporting and managing requirements, and much more. ‘Xpert Solutions’s HR software will enable custom reports that can be saved for future use or modification.

Integrated HR & Payroll System

Part of our human resource management system, ‘Xpert HR & Payroll’ provides interoperability with Payroll. Interoperability provides real-time updating between HR and Payroll to ensure that your HR and Payroll departments are working with the most current and up-to-date employee data.

Integrated Attendance System

The system is also integrated with complete attendance modules. This attendance module allows to create time slots for employees and then calculates their attendance, leaves etc. automatically through the use of any input device ranging from RFID cards to Retina Scanner machines.

‘Xpert HR & Payroll’ human resource software can truly aid the HR professional by combining bits of information to produce studies and analyses that help businesses define their future. With the system’s Reports and Tools you will be able to think, analyze and provide top management with significant facts and figures that will aid in running your business in an optimal and effective manner.

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